The Chair of Sunderland Black and Monority Ethnic Network Kumareswaradas Ramanathas (left) pictured with one of our Directors Paula Dale of Sunderland Sikh Association

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The 2018 Sunderland BME Network One Voice Awards

Our Chair Ram (pictured left) with Harry Collinson at The Looking Glass

The Sunderland Black and Minority Ethnic Network Limited is delighted to announce that the Looking Glass Café and Bistro of Athenaeum Street, Sunderland is to be the host the Network’s One Voice Community Awards on the 27th November 2018 at 6 to 9pm.

Now in its fourth year, the One Voice Community Awards is an event that brings together individuals, organisations and agencies to recognise, share and celebrate work done in improving the well-being of BME people throughout the City of Sunderland.

The BME Community plays a significant and growing role in the life of the City of Sunderland. Many individuals, volunteers and organisations contribute their time and efforts in promoting Diversity and supporting Black and Minority Ethnic people, often without formal recognition.

The “One Voice” awards, first launched in 2015, allow the Voluntary Sector of Sunderland to recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of the BME Community, Network Members, Volunteers, Partners and Commercial organisations in supporting and enhancing equality of opportunity within the City.

The Looking Glass Café and Bistro, its owner, Harry Collinson, and his staff have thrown their weight and enthusiasm behind the “One Voice” Awards and have donated their facilities and time to support the event.

“We are delighted that the Looking Glass has agreed to host the Awards this year” said the Chair of the Network – Ram. “Each year we try to make the event more memorable for those that attend and particularly for those people and organisations that have been nominated for their contribution to the community. With the support of Harry and his team I am sure that this year will be the best yet”.

“The overwhelming majority of people in Sunderland are supportive of the BME Community and It is more important than ever that the selfless efforts of the many, ethnic and non-ethnic, are recognised particularly at a time when a tiny minority seek to sow seeds of mistrust and hatred in the City.”

Entry to the event will be by invitation and ticket only and those wishing to attend should initially email the event coordinator by email at sentientcapacity@hotmail.co.uk.


Pictured left to right: Rachidy Bikaya of Sunderland BME Network receiving his award in 2017 from Jessica May of Sunderland Partnership

To find out more about the categories please click on this link to go to the One Voice Awards 2018 dedicated page.






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