About Us

What is Sunderland BME Network (SBMEN)?

  • NetworkMembersA constitution was drawn up in May 2005 to create SBMEN
  • SBMEN became a limited company on 20th February 2009
  • SBMEN became a registered charity on 31st July 2009
  • SBMEN  is a network of 10 black and minority ethnic voluntary and community organisations based in Sunderland
  • There are 12 Associate members from the statutory, private and voluntary sectors
  • SBMEN  was set up to strengthen BME groups for the benefit of everyone in the city of Sunderland

What does Sunderland BME Network offer?

Sunderland BME Network offers help (subject to suitable funding) with –

  • Business planning approaches
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Training opportunities
  • Supporting management committees
  • Compliance with Charity Commission guidelines

Where does Sunderland BME Network fit in strategically?

  • Sunderland BME Network is active in Sunderland Partnership
  • Sunderland BME Network ensures that BME community concerns and issues are recognised by the Partnership
  • Identifies funding opportunities for the BME voluntary and community sector in Sunderland
  • Acts as an ‘umbrella organisation’ for funding opportunities/applications
  • Promotes partnership working between, within and across communities in the city
  • Provides on-going positive information locally and nationally via social media to show the positive contribution many BME communities make to British society and economy

What can you do?

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Click here to go to the page to view our current list of Members and find out how you can join Sunderland BME Network