May 2018

1BeltaneWicca, Pagan
1Yom Ha Sho'ahJudaism
212th Day of RidvanBaha'i
5Children's DayShinto
5Yom Ha'AtzmautJudaism
16Ramadan 2018Islam
16Guardian Protector Day; MankindZoroastrian
17Buddha DayBuddhist
22Lag B'OmerJudaism
23Anniversary of the Declaration of the BabBaha'i
26Death of Zartosht No-DisoZoroastrian
29Ascension of the Baha'u'llahBaha'i

The Islamic Calendar dates above depend on the movement of the moon. The beginning of each month is marked by the observance of a new moon seen for the first time. Visibility of the new moon depends on various factors such as weather, country observed from etc. so the Islamic Calendar dates given on this website are only an estimate of the future Islamic events given as a guide.