Case Studies

Case Study#1

Client – A young unemployed single mother from a Polish background.

Issues –   Language barriers, Financial issues, Housing issues.

Support Given – November 2017 – Supported to complete Level 2 certificate in Food Hygiene – improved employment opportunities. Additional Support, Advice and guidance given to allow access to free prescriptions for young son. Signposting to Gentoo to identify appropriate housing from hostel.

Without Healthy Step’s the Young lady wouldn’t be able to complete the online food hygiene course, apply for low income scheme prescription help and wouldn’t be able to apply for housing

Case Study#2

Client –Gentleman, in P/Time employment. A refugee with temporary leave to remain.

Issues – Some language, reading and writing difficulties, isolation, physical and mental health issues.

Support Given – Supported to apply for working tax credits, Signposted and supported to Council, housing issues. Supported to access on line banking. Now attends Drop in Sessions.

Case Study#3

Healthy Steps worker Rachidy Bikaya meeting Julie Elliot, MP for Sunderland Central

Client – Elderly couple from Africa living in East area of Sunderland.

Issues – Increasingly complex Health issues, Dementia, access to Healthy Food.

Support Given – Facilitated appointment at Sunderland Carer Centre, supported access to GP and sing-posting them to appropriate agencies.

Facilitated meeting with local MP – Julie Elliot, who instigated an action plan in order to support the couple





Case Study#4

Client – An Asian family struggling with the onset of dementia in Mother and Father.

Issues – Some family members reluctant to address.

Support Given – Healthy Steps Outreach worker facilitated doctors appointment and referral for parents and for family to come to terms with change.