Management Committee/Board 2016-17


Sunderland BME Network is very proud of and grateful to our Management Committee/Board who show drive, oversight, commitment and support for our work and Members.

The Management Committee/Board governs all of our work. Also known as Trustees, the Management Committee/Board are drawn from our membership via election at our Annual General Meetings under the terms of our Constitution. This helps to make us a democratic organisation which takes into account a wide range of views. As part of our reporting to the Charity Commission we provide full details of our Management Committee as it changes over time. In fact, our Management Committee/Board structure follows the guidelines issued by the Charity Commission itself.

Our Management Committee/Board have the power under our Constitution to draft on to the committee or seek the advice of any person with relevant expertise that they may wish to. This can be helpful at times because the issues they deal with can become very complicated and may need someone with relevant expertise to provide a clearer insight into the issues on hand. If that person is from a qualifying member organisation they can seek election to become a full member of the Management Committee/Board.

Management Committee/Board Members


Kamareswaradas Ramanathas (Ram)
Member Organisation – Young Asian Voices
Twitter: @YAV_Sunderland

Secretary to the Board

Michal Chantkowski
Member Organisation – International Community Organisation Sunderland (ICOS)
Twitter: @DKrzyszczak


Abu Shama
Member Organisation – Sunderland Bangladesh International Centre

Committee Members

Zafar Iqbal
Member Organisation – Islamic Education Centre
Twitter: @Zaf4labour

Padma Rao
Member organisation – Sangini
Twitter: @artsconnectuk


Becoming a Member of our Management Committee

We actively encourage members of the BME community in Sunderland to become a Member/Director of our Management Committee. We realise that this can be daunting for some, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like further information. If it is useful we can arrange for an informal chat with our Chair¬†Ram who can explain what the procedures are.

We are governed by Charity Commission guidelines which we follow very closely. It is recommended that normally someone would seek to be elected to our Management Committee at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Various options exist for someone to become a Member of our Management Committee (a Director). Charity Commission guidelines and the various rules of our Constitution can be a little complex, but essentially we can co-opt members onto the Committee during the year between AGM’s if that helps to strengthen and support the Management Committee. Please use the Contact Us section to find out more if you would like to discuss anything about this.

If you would like a copy of the nomination form then you can click on the link below to view and/or download it right now. It is provided in Microsoft Word format and Adobe PDF.

Management Committee (Director) Nomination Form (MS Word format, 59Kb – this document will open in a new window)

Management Committee (Director) Nomination Form (Adobe PDF format, 228Kb – this document will open in a new window)

Simply return the completed and signed form to us as soon as you can.