Current Members

Please note – not every member has a logo, so the complete list is shown below (in alphabetical order). Where our member has a website a click-able link is provided to take visitors there (links will open in a new window).

We would ask our members to check their details regularly to ensure they are up to date.

Disclaimer – we do not have any responsibility or control over external content. If you wish to raise an issue regarding external content please take the matter up with the organisation concerned who, we are sure, would provide their full cooperation to resolve the matter.

Becoming a Member of SBMEN

If you would to find out more about becoming a member or associate member of Sunderland BME Network please use our Contact Us to ask us any questions you may have.

There are two types of membership available to choose from – either Member or Associate Member.


If any organisation wishes to become a Member of the Network (with voting rights) it is open to eligible BME voluntary and community organisations active and located within the area of benefit. To be eligible the organisation must:
Have objectives, which are congruent with those of Sunderland BME Network and have completed application forms as prescribed by the Committee and agree to abide by Sunderland BME Network’s Code of Practice.

And either:
Have a Management Committee comprised of 50% or more BME people.

Have more than 50% of its staff/volunteers who are BME people.
Have more than 50% of its members/users who are BME people.
Demonstrate to the discretion of the Management Committee that they promote BME interests in the area of benefit.

Associate Membership

This membership is open to any organisation or individual sympathetic to the aims of Sunderland BME Network. An Associate Member does not have voting rights. You can see a full list of our current Associate Members is available by clicking here.

Membership is Free

Full and Associate membership is currently free, however if the Management Committee/Board wish to change this it can be reversed in the future – although normally such changes would only happen after a full consultation of Members.

If you wish, you can download our Membership Application form right now here –

Click here to download/open a Membership Application in Word format (67kb – opens in a new window)

Click here to download/open a Membership Application in PDF format (49kb – open in a new window)

As any application needs to have signed consent – please complete the application, print it out, sign it where necessary and drop it in or post it to us.